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Information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Ehime Prefecture

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About Ehime

Deeply rooted in Japanese history
and culture - Ehime

From the magnificent Seto Inland Sea to the steep mountains,
Centuries-old temple pilgrimages through rich ecosystems
And world-famous cycling routes in the great outdoors

Encounter the heart of Japanese culture in Ehime

The true Japan will open in front of you,
As you start your journey to Ehime,
Where the people are genuine, cheerful, and sincere

Ehime map

Experience Ehime

Activity in Ehime

Cycling, fishing, or canyoning
Discover the best ways to enjoy nature

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, seas, and rivers, Ehime Prefecture has the best natural environment for a variety of activities. The Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Expressway, often shortened to just the Shimanami Kaido, is a popular route for cyclists. The Kutsuna Islands and Cape Sada are both popular spots for angler fishing. The Omogo Gorge and Nametoko Gorge are ideal locations for stream fishing and canyoning. Come enjoy dynamic Japanese nature of all seasons in Ehime!

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Food & Drink in Ehime

Indulge in tastes from the abundant land and beautiful seas

Ehime Prefecture is Japan's leading producer of a variety of citrus fruits thanks to its mild climate. It is also known for being a popular sake brewing spot, home to 37 sake breweries that create splendid local sake. Due to its proximity to the Seto Inland Sea, many restaurants in Ehime Prefecture serve dishes made of fresh seafood, such as the famous "taimeshi" (sea bream with rice). Other local delicacies like the Imabari-style "yakitori" (grilled chicken) and "senzanki" (deep-fried chicken) are also exquisite. You will be able to feel the hospitality of Ehime Prefecture from the local food culture!

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Culture in Ehime

Time-honored history
A treasure trove of refined Japanese culture

Many cultural heritages have been passed down in Ehime Prefecture. Matsuyama Castle and Ozu Castle are important landmarks of traditional Japanese castle architecture. Dogo Onsen, one of the oldest hot springs in Japan, is highly regarded worldwide. The Iwaya Temple and Ishite Temple of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage are both unique temples worth a visit. The stunning and fantastic Saijo Festival and the vivid Niihama Taiko Festival will surely bring you unforgettable memories.

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